Old times
Findings from the Stone Age, an axe, bear witness of very old activity at Eide. In the Bronze Age people got more settled here, and the farm got its form at this time. Approximately forty graves from ancient time are registered at this farm. In the 15th century the farm was owned by the powerful vicar in the church steeple Fjeldberg. In the barn we have architectural details in the constructions dating parts of the building back to 1540-1620.

The last 150 years
Eide farmstead was divided into several smaller farms in the 17th century. The part named Eide Gard today has been in charge by the same family since 1854. ”Eldhuset” the former cookhouse, was standing there as the family came and was the very centre of the courtyard-and is still so 150 years later. When the fire is lit in the open fire, the candles are lit and you can have your meal here, very few would complain.

The farmhouse is another of the well-kept old buildings, the main part dates back to the 17th century. It has been renovated over the last years to offer cosy and relaxed atmosphere, combined with modern comfort in the bedrooms and bathroom.

As the renovation of the farm proceeded if became clear to the owner that the woodshed was in such a bad condition that it could not be rebuild. She decided to build a copy of the house and transform it into a ”Gildeskål”; that is a place for social gatherings both small and large.



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